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Vendor Risk Management

Visualise and Manage your Digital Risk all in One place.

Monitor, Plan, and Prioritise all your suppliers based on their Risk Severity. And keep track of all remediations, policies and team inputs all in one place.

1. Segment
Tier your Suppliers according to the risk they pose to your company, allowing you to match Cost to Effort.
2. Assess
Conduct Assessments on your riskiest suppliers in line with Compliance Frameworks Customised according to you.
3. Manage
Remediate highlighted vulnerabilities with your team which supports both Action and Incident Management.
4. Monitor
Monitor your vendors actively through 100,000 online data points as well as on the Dark Web for Threat Intelligence.
5. Report
Export Meaningful reports for different stakeholders such as Executives, Analysts and Reviewers.

A Simple 5 Step Process allowing you to reduce and mitigate
your Supplier Chain Vulnerabilities in as little as 10 minutes.

With the pandemic catalysing digitisation, organisations have become all the more vulnerable to third party security breaches through their supply chain.
However, with supply chains and third party interactions being different in every organisation simple and generic compliance tick boxing isn't a real solution as it merely looks at whether processes and policies are 'in place'. This discounts actual implementation, human behaviour and information behaviour resulting in the development of our solution.

Segmentation - Categorise your Risk.

Tier your Risk to Match Effort to Risk

Slice your suppliers into different groups in order to be able to assess, estimate risk and apply commands and control to. By segmenting vendors into categories with similar characteristics, you can assign risk tolerances and develop roadmaps to reduce, remediate, diversify or even just monitor associated risks.

Our Segmentation Assessments can be broken down to categorise Vendor Risk according to 4 Critical factors such as Location, User type, Data Value and User/Information Behaviour to identify critical risk factors. The result of which visually indicates which Vendors you need to take further to Step 2 in your VRM journey, while also demonstrating you are aware of your risks.
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Risk Assessments with you in Mind

Find out what Inherent Risk is posed by a particular Vendor by analysing their policies, processes, controls, impacts and likelihood of occurrences of their identified risks. In addition to these risks, you can go a step further with our CMA Module (Controls Maturity Assessment), an Assessment tool for your own organisation to identify and evaluate what controls you have in place for those risks and how effective they are in mitigating all the risks pose.

Tailor Fit
Assessments created according to your organisations needs and Risks.
Document Findings
Store all your documents, notes and findings related to a vendor in one place!
Get Actionable Reports
Vendor Risk Reports highlighting changes and areas for improvement based on your Assessments.
Additional Evidence
Request additional evidence such as policies and documentation from your Supplier.
Leave Contextual Notes
Understand what attributes a risk has, for analysts and others to understand.
Collaboration built in
A Complete Timeline / Audit Log for each Vendor and their Risk Journey.

Compliance Built In

Have your Risk Assessment built on top of leading Compliance Frameworks and Regulations such as ISO27001, Shrems II, Cyber Essentials, NIST & NCSC.
Do more than ticking forms, Analyse, Remediate & Monitor today.

Monitor Live Security Ratings

Instantly get a snapshot of a Vendors Security Position generated from the computation of over 100,000 Data Points derived from Open Source Intelligence, The Dark web, Commercial & Government Feeds and other sources. This data driven visualisation provides an easy to understand risk score based on the changing digital environment.

Stay Informed
Get Instant Email Notifications of New Threats and Changing Risk Scores, Supplier & Team Updates.
Domain Security Ratings
We Monitor Age, Locations, Changes, Activities, Reputation & Much more.
Easy to Understand
Comprehensive Descriptions of vulnerabilities found for easy digestion.
Network Threat Notifications
A game changer, we have scouts and sources that push us real time threat intelligence from the dark web, hacker communities & more on any one of our users.
Web Vulnerabilities
We monitor cross site scripting, SQL / Command injections points, Server Configurations & more.
Automated Discovery
We consolidate all our findings and give it to you in one digestible view.

Risk Management

Action Management
List Remediation Actions, Request Further Information and Monitor Progress.
Incident Management
Lifecycle approach to incident management, log, categorise, prioritise, escalate, resolve and close issues that arise.
Assign / Delegate remediation activities to specific people within an organisation, give or revoke access as and when needed.
Audit Log
Get a complete timeline of an organisations VRM journey, see who prescribed what, when and why.

Risk Reporting

Instantly get a snapshots of a Vendor Security Position generating from the analysis of over 100,000 Data Points derived from Open Source Intelligence,, The Dark web, Commercial & Government Feeds and other sources. This data driven visualisation provides an easy to understand risk score based on the changing digital environment.
Analytical Reports
Reports purpose built for Analysts.
Custom Built Reports
Have a report created to suit your organisations reporting needs.
Email Notifications
Opt in to get Notified of Real Time Changes.
Executive Reporting
Reports with contextual information and direction to what things mean for.

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Managed Risk Service

If you're spending too much time struggling with third party risk management and are being diverted away from other critical business initiatives, our Managed Risk Service for Vendor Risk Management and Project Risk Management can help. Our service can help your organisation streamline compliance and mitigate evolving risks, all the while helping you stay efficient and productive by taking the burden of proactive monitoring and management off your hands.

Our Managed Risk Service is directed by Ex-Intelligence officers with deep industry experience and knowledge that formulate our core principles and processes. Key benefits of a Managed Risk Service, beyond being an independent auditor, is it provides a lower cost of ownership in contrast to hiring a team of a similar size and experience,  requires little to no training and setup, leverages the latest Vendor Risk threats and technology for no extra costs, allows implementation of a structured & well refined process, all the while being completely scalable solution with forecastable pricing.
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