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Third Party
Risk Management In
Aerospace & Defence.

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Types of Threats & Challenges

Cyber Security threats once solely consisted of direct attacks but with both advancement and heightened primary defences hostiles now seek to attack businesses through third party vulnerabilities in their supply chain. This can be through both digital and analogue suppliers, being as subtle as a key stroke recorder or a complete network takedown. These hostiles / ATP’s (Advanced Persistent Threats) can include independent hostiles, groups, terrorists, nation states and even competitors that conduct attacks as part of a wider campaign supplementing and supporting other digital and physical attacks which are particularly critical in Aerospace & Defence.  

Most recently with a constantly changing landscape the challenge has been to conduct detailed cyber vulnerability assessments based on information/ staff behaviour in conjunction with the latest policies & best practises which are critical to identify, assess and prioritise threats, superficial compliance assessments will not do any organisation any good.
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Impacts of Threats

With advancing functions of critical systems for both intangible and tangible operations of objects and growing dependence of these systems under threat in aerospace and defence a significant risk is posed to the political future and civilian livelihood of a nation.
Revenue Fines & Other Monetary Impacts
Hours of impact can equate to Billions, supplemented by scalable % fines.
Cripple Key Systems & Communication Streams
Air Control & Mission Critical communications can result in fatalities.
Physical Damage through manipulation of Control Systems
Flooding, Blackouts, Hijacking of directable moving objects i.e. drones & Vehicles.
Reputational Damage / Mass Distrust
Public Outrage, Riots, Service Boycott, Mass Disharmony
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The Future of Third Party Risk
Management in Aerospace & Defence

With Aerospace and Defence beyond the growing price of Cyber risk, cyber threats are becoming increasingly more common through third party vendors with new technology emerging every day located across the world, lack of cyber security regulations and check box compliance poses a huge threat to Vendors requiring extensive and costly assessments.

As well as that Artificial intelligence once used to automate tasks are now being used by hostiles to seek out vulnerabilities, this dramatically reduces the time required to conduct an attack or diversion. With advances in such technology by hostile nations and availability of the same technology to localised organised crime units, you can also describe the state of security as a nation full of armed hostiles and an airport without metal detectors.
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Our Dedicated Solution

Manage Vendor Risk Inhouse with our intuitive COBRA Platform, beyond automation our platform is supported by
our seasoned inhouse Security Analysts each with sector specific experience. Take a Proactive Approach and strategically
manage your security vulnerabilities with a few clicks and questions.

The Most Comprehensive
Assessment Tool on the Market

100,000 Data Points Assessed
Assessment of Relevant Data Points in
contrast to report fillers.
All Suppliers individually signed up
All Suppliers complete assessments based on their implemented processes. They are not auto derived from policies available online.
Assessments Created for your Risk
We Create Assessments based on your
Critical Risk Factors, or Modify Compliance frameworks to your organisation.
No superficial check boxing.
Assessments Reviewed By Analysts
Secondary Validation by our inhouse analysts.
Contextualisation & Analysis of Results in MRS.
40 Years in National Cyber Defence
C2 is Built & Delivered by a Group of Ex-Military Cyber Defence Professionals that understand risk.

C2 Essentials

Categorises Risk according to threat level based on multiple factors and global network information.
Allows Vendors to Demonstrate a Basic Cyber Assessment Process & Provides an Indicative Risk Score.
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Start with our Free C2 Segmentation tool and then pick and choose one or all of the
Assessment Modules below for their suppliers depending on the Risk faced and Risk Appetite.


Vendor Risk
You're not just paying for Machine Generated Reports, our results are reviewed by our Inhouse Security Analysts to ensure Quality and Consistency!
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Controls Maturity Assesment
You're not just paying for Machine Generated Reports, our results are reviewed by our Inhouse Security Analysts to ensure Quality and Consistency!
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Managed Risk
You're not just paying for Machine Generated Reports, our results are reviewed by our Inhouse Security Analysts to ensure Quality and Consistency!
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