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Viral Suhagiya

Senior Engineer at C2 Cyber
Viral, our newest joiner came in after spending half a decade working in various software houses as a Senior Back End Engineer. While attending university, she spent her summers entering various Hackathons which brought her to our attention, as well as having an awesome portfolio of open source projects she's worked on. Despite having started as a front end developer, she has found her speciality as a back end Laravel engineer and works within varied rotational roles to keep things fun and interesting.
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Ehsan Darbani

Senior Analyst
Ehsan joined C2 in our early days as a consultant after finishing his Masters in Information Security and has seen our team rapidly 5 to where we are today. He's witnessed how we've gone from strength to strength first hand and has been at the forefront directing our team on Inhouse Analysts.
Working across a wide breadth of industries, our analysts enjoy a sweet balance between fulfilling their curiosity & developing sector specific skills.
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Our Product

We’re digitising compliance for the cyber security and Investment Banking sectors with our Cobra platform. In the past, companies working within Critical National Infrastructure have been plagued with growing compliance complexities, cyber security threats and ever-growing fines. Staying on top of them as well as keeping track of controls has been one of their largest challenges.

Till date solutions for this have generally been outsourced to consultants billing for dozens of overpriced graduates P/Anum or hollow Tech start-ups offering a question bank for a similar cost but lacking depth and remedial solutions. This is where we came in, our Cobra Platform is uniquely placed to generate comprehensive reports and remedial actions for Cyber Security Analysts or Investment. Analysts looking to understand, monitor, track and remediate risks be it to mitigate Cyber Security threats, Comply to IS027001 or conducting or improving ESG scores for investments.  

 C2’s Cobra platform leverages multifactorial impacts that an organisation or investment faces, weighs the risk to match cost to effort and generates reports using a combination of computational power and expert analysts. As well as being a self-service platform, our seasoned industry analysts are available on call to walk companies through the growing risks they face.  

C2’s work has given Banks, Insurers, Local Councils, Governments, Luxury Retailers and Commercial Transport organisations direction for implementing and mitigating their Risk and thereby becoming the gold standard in Risk Management.
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Equal Opportunities

C2 Cyber is an equal opportunity employer committed to an environment free of discrimination against race, religion, gender, origin, orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability or protected identities and statuses. All applicants are solely based on personal merit, skills and relevant experience.
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