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We're Experts in cyber security and vendor risk management. Our
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improve your Vendor, Controls & Project Risks.
1. Segment
Tier according to the risk they posed to your company
2. Assess
Assess your highest risks with built in Frameworks.
Remediate highlighted vulnerabilities with your team.
4. Monitor
Monitor your risks actively through 100,000 data points
5. Report
Export Meaningful reports for different stakeholders,
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Vendor Risk Management

Visualise and Manage your Supplier Risk categorically.

◉ Monitor, Plan, Prioritise all your suppliers based on their Risk Severity
and keep track of all remediations, policies and team inputs all in one place!
◉ A large majority of attacks are now occurring through third parties in the supply chain, do you know where you're vulnerable?
◉ Assess your Vendors with built in Frameworks such as ISO27001 or get Custom Assessments built on top of them for your organisation
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Controls Maturity Assessment

Once you know your Risk Assess the Controls to Mitigate them!

◉ Understand your current Risk Posture, Assess how effective your internal controls are to manage the Identified Risks
◉ Benchmark Control Performance against historic Control Maturity Assessments
◉ Get insights to help Prioritise Security Investments

Sustainable Selection

Do you know how your Investments or Suppliers impact the world?

◉ Comprehensive ESG Scoring to help you streamline decision making
◉ Understand what risk your suppliers or Investments are faced with by Environmental, Social & Governance factors
◉ Generate beautiful reports that help communicate effectively to your stakeholders how your portfolio companies achieve key Sustainable Development Goals
A total Information Risk approach...
The full End to End Solution:
Strategic consultancy to set the agenda
Efficient vendor onboarding to identify inherent risks
Intelligent analysis influenced by psychology to assess residual risk
Continuous open source intelligence analytics to monitor risk change
Proactive, measured risk resolution to reduce exposure
Ongoing programme management to completion
Rich reports and MI to understand strategic risk within supply chain

Our Vendor Risk Platform

Manage Vendor Risk Inhouse with our intuitive COBRA Platform, beyond automation our platform is supported by
our seasoned inhouse Security Analysts each with sector specific experience. Take a Proactive Approach and strategically
manage your security vulnerabilities with a few clicks and questions
Streamline your Vendor Risk Management by seamlessly onboarding your vendors onto our platform by answering simple and intuitive questions!
Actionable Insights
Within seconds get a graphical visualisation highlighting all areas of concern color coded by their risk severity.
Accurate Results
We ensure all Vendor Answers and Profiles are measured independently for quality and accuracy against multiple data sources
You're not just paying for Machine Generated Reports, our results are reviewed by our Inhouse Security Analysts to ensure Quality and Consistency!
Begin your Vendor Risk Management journey today with personalised onboarding for your company.   Book a Free Consultation

A Solution that keeps on giving

Identification & Assesment
We asses vendor risk proportionate to the risk they represent in contrast to blindly providing a risk score on a ledger.. This helps by
Remediation & Mitigation
Do you remove a threat or reduce its chances of occurrence make definitive decisions with our data visualisations
Analysis & Evaluation
Unsure what everything means? No problem one of our expert Analysts will be able to walk you through their remarks and narratives.
This allows qualitative data to help weight inherent risk with attributes such as the data types exchanges, services delivered, volume and criticality.
OSINT Indicators
Exploiting available data on the internet (eg. DNS record configurations, SIC codes, domain reputation and news feeds) continuously monitors indicators of risk.
Assertion & Evidence
Dynamic questionnaires tailored to the context and risk type, giving a richer more complete overview of vulnerabilities and linking evidence enabling our Analysts to validate controls.
Not sure? Try our Free Value Assessment Tool to see how much risk you can mitigate and potentially save in arising expenditure!

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Critical National Infrastructure – How secure is your country? How do we protect our way of life? 

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CEO - C2 Cyber
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Jules Gascoigne
CISO - Transport for London
Chris Morriss
Senior Consultant - Roke

Sectors We Serve

Hacker's target Sector Specific Behaviours, checkbox platforms
are only good for demos!

◉ Aerospace & Defence
◉ Luxury Retail
◉ Financial Services
◉ Insurance
◉ Construction
◉ Healthcare
◉ Public Transport
◉ Government
◉ Education
◉ Professional Services

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"Before C2's Cobra it used to take 4-6 weeks minimum to assess a vendor, now we can get new vendors onboarded in a week or two — including checking for data risk, ISO compliance, and building in controls."
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You're not just paying for Machine Generated Reports, our results are reviewed by our Inhouse Security Analysts to ensure Quality and Consistency!
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You're not just paying for Machine Generated Reports, our results are reviewed by our Inhouse Security Analysts to ensure Quality and Consistency!
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